Welcome to this video. In this video, we will cover how to import individual property’s cash flow into the ARGUS Portfolio Model.

Individual Cash Flow Tabs

I can see there are monthly cash flow summary A, B, C, D, and E tabs. Each tab represents a cash flow from one property in the portfolio, so I will have five properties for this portfolio underwriting. The letter A, B, C, D, and E are used to identify properties and cash flows in the model. I can also see these letters in the disposition assumptions in the Input tab. After importing individual property’s cash flow, the combined monthly cash flow tabs will aggregate the cash flows from cash flow summary A, B, C, D, and E tabs. The combined monthly cash flow will be summed up on an annual basis in the Annual Cash Flow Summary tab. This is the general workflow of the model.

Update Button

Let’s go back to the Input tab. There is an UPDATE button. This button will update the cash flows in the model. I will click on it. A window pops up to let me choose the individual property’s cash flows, which have been underwritten in the ARGUS Excel Model. If you don’t know ARGUS Excel Model, I will put a link in this video and the description below for it. You are welcome to check them out. I select the five models and click Open. The system is opening these files for me, and it takes a couple of minutes. I will fast forward here. The opening is done. A second window pops up and shows me the name of files I selected and their corresponding letters on the right – A, B, C, D, and E. I can move up and down a property name to match with a different letter. I can move down 49 Road to match with letter B, so 49 road’s cash flow will be imported into the monthly cash flow summary B tab. It is my preference how to match the letters with the property names. I am going to move the 49 Road back up to match with letter A. I will click Save. Now the system is importing cash flows from individual files for me. What I mean by importing the cash flows is that the system copies and pastes the monthly cash flow tab in the ARGUS Excel Model into the corresponding monthly cash flow tab in the ARGUS Portfolio Model. This will take another couple of minutes depending on the speed of your computer. It is done now. Under the property name, I can see that five properties have been imported and their corresponding letters. If I want to look at Rue 104’s cash flow, then I will go to the Monthly Cash Flow Summary D tab.


I have finished importing cash flows into the ARGUS Portfolio Model. Thank you for watching this video. I will see you at the next one.