Consulting Services

We provide various value-added consulting services on the real estate financial modeling. The followings are the representative cases where we acheive goals for our clients. If you are interested, please Contact Us.


Ground-up Single-Family Development in Dallas, TX

  • Analyzed various financing options and identified the lowest capital cost structure
  • Modelled development, leasing, and sale schedule of 7,000 houses
  • Structured profit-sharing/waterfall between General Partner and Limited Partner
  • Modelled seller-financing loan and sale of the loans as an asset-backed portfolio to third parties

Existing Office Building Acquisition in Deerfield, IL

  • Modelled complex rent roll and rent step-up
  • Stress tested the underwriting with sensitivity table and scenario analysis
  • Calculated projected monthly occupancy situation based on the rent roll assumptions
  • Modelled capital expenditure reserve spending throughout the holding period

Underwriting of Loan Portfolio on Real Assets across the U.S.

  • Modelled individual asset’s cash flow and assessed its debt service capacity
  • Conducted risk management assessment on loan portfolio level
  • Identified overperformers and underperformers in the portfolio
  • Analyzed various components of monthly debt payments, e.g., reserve escrow, mortgage insurance payment, and tax escrow

Lease Analysis in New York City, NY

  • Modelled lease cash flow and calculated various return metrics, such as ROI, IRR, and Multiple
  • Compared different lease options and identified the optimal choice
  • Conducted market research and demographic analysis in certain MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Area)
  • Categorized detailed upfront costs and future costs in the cash flow

Sale and Hold Analysis on a Real Estate Portfolio in Quebec, Canada

  • Modelled the cash flow of 10 properties in a portfolio with complex leases and leasing assumptions
  • Compared existing holding’s Return on Equity (ROE) with potential investment opportunities
  • Analyzed the risks and rewards of keeping or selling the existing holdings
  • Ran scenario analysis on various exit strategies