Property Information Section


Welcome to this video. In this video, I will cover the property information section in the ARGUS Multi-Family Model. The assumptions in this section are information-based and optional. They do not impact the calculation in the ARGUS Multi-Family model but provide further clarification for someone looking at the model. Let’s get into it.

General Partner and Limited Partner

The hypothetical general partner’s name is HC Capital and limited partner’s name is BBT Capital. We can see the general partner’s name has turned into HC Capital and the limited partner’s name has turned into BBT Capital in the sources section. Let’s go to the Executive Summary tab. We also can see BBT Capital and HC Capital in the Executive Summary. In fact, all the general partner and limited partner names have been replaced throughout the model. Going back to the Input tab. Moving forward. The property is located at 123 Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The Net Rentable Square Feet is calculated from the Unit Mix I previously input. The site size is 8.21 acres, which is 357,795 square feet.

Information-Based Fields

All these fields are information-based and are not part of the calculation in the model. I finished the property information section in the ARGUS Multi-Family Model.

Thanks for watching this video. I will see you in the next one.